What if you could design your own beautiful, luxury branding...


The Visual Branding Masterclass


for new and growing businesses on a DIY budget

KJ & Co is a bootstrapped business – so we understand what it's like to build up a successful business on a DIY budget 

So we've packaged all of the basics of brand design into an easy to implement 35 minute masterclass teaching you how to use none other than every DIY-er's favorite design tool, Canva!

This Class Is PERFECT For You If...

▪️ You're in need of a better logo and branding, but you don't have the budget to hire a professional

▪️ You're an early stage business owner bootstrapping your business while you build up your financial capital

▪️ You have limited or no design experience and are looking for a way to create a standout visual brand on your own to help you to start building traction in your business

As A Student You'll Receive...

▪️ An introduction to the core component of branding that converts – a clearly defined brand identity and target market!

▪️ Step-by-step guidance on how we go through the custom visual branding process for our clients, but instead of using professional design software, we're teaching you how to do it using an inexpensive subscription to the design tool, Canva Pro!

▪️ An accompanying resource guide with our favorite free and inexpensive resources for building your visual branding and exclusive discount codes for other products and services that will support you (whether now or in the future!)

The Visual Branding Masterclass

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