BRAND Design

Your visual branding is a visual representation of everything that your business stands for – it encompasses your values, mission and subscinsously builds authority among your target market. 

Key Features

Brand Identity + Target Market Intensive

Logo and Alternate Logo


Color Palette


Starts at $1500

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Your website is a direct representation of your customer’s experience working with you. It should not only be beautiful, but also functional, easy to navigate and impactful on your target market. 

Brand Identity + Target Market Intensive

Starts at $3500

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Key Features

Brand Guide

Choice Bonus Branded Marketing Collateral (ie business cards, one pager, social media templates, etc)

Brand Launch Announcement Graphic

Site Map Planning

Custom Website Design and Build on Squarespace, ShowIt, Wordpress (using Elementor), or Shopify

Basic integration of apps and software as needed (ie Email Marketing Software, social media, Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel, etc)

Mobile Optimization

Website Launch Announcement Graphic

Requires Brand Design or Approval of Existing Professional Brand Assets

Our Process


This is where we get to know you, your business and your target demographic on a deep level. On our end, we will use the information we uncover with you to create our strategy and direction for the design process. 


This is where everything starts coming to life. For branding, we always offer two initial concepts to begin with, and base revisions off of whichever concept feels best for you. For web design, this concept will only include the homepage.


The revisions stage is where you get to offer us any feedback that you have to edit the initial concept that you select. This is also when we begin building out additional pages for web design clients. Many of our clients only use one or two rounds of revisions in total. 


Pop the bubbly! This is when we present you with your final deliverables – at this point all integrations have been setup, assets have been delivered and ownership has been transferred! Time to celebrate!

Brand Design

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Examples of Our Work

Web Design

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