Our Favorite Canva Fonts: Fall 2021

Oct 2, 2021

When it comes to typography, we could spend days gushing over up and coming font styles and trends! There are so many gorgeous Canva fonts available right now that will keep your brand feeling modern and on-trend this fall!

Here are our top 3 favorites right now:

A display of the Roxborough font from Canva

Canva Font #1: Roxborough

Probably our absolute favorite that we are using as much as possible, this is Roxborough. Roxborough is a beautiful serif font that has a vintage vibe to it – not to mention we are OBSESSED with the italic version.

A display of the Brittany font from Canva

Canva Font #2: Brittany

Brittany is a classic that we’ve been in love with for awhile. This is a gorgeous cursive font that pairs well with pretty much everything. It looks great with both serif and sans serif fonts making it the ultimate versatile Canva font!

A display of the Bodoni font from Canva

Canva Font #3: Bodoni

Ahhh, Bodoni. How we love your classic and prestige feel! Bodoni feels high end and timeless, perfect for the brand that is looking to build up more of a luxe and upscale reputation.

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